Snorkelling in Barbados

There are many companies that can pick you up in their catamaran and take you away for the day to enjoy snorkelling in Barbados. One of the beaches the catamaran runs from is Gibbes Beach next to Mullins Beach ( park next to St Lucy's Church) This is a 10 min ride from Crossbow Villa. However some companies will pick you up from Crossbow Villa too if you are not hiring a car.

The beautiful beaches and pure white sands make an excellent place for snorkelling in Barbados because of the crystal clear waters that make for perfect visibility, about 80 to 98 feet all year round.

Snorkelling in Barbados is very popular and there are an incredible two dozen dive sites scattered all along the calmer West and South coast. Barbados is surrounded by a natural coral reef barrier that is teaming with tropical sea-life of all kinds making it the most outstanding ocean setting for snokelling in the world. Sea life and to explore include barrel sponges, sea fans, and flat coral reefs.


Hiking in Barbados is a very popular choice of holiday activity and there are lots of varied hiking clubs to join to take you out for the day. Such routes will take you through all types of stunning and exciting landscapes such as tropical forests, breathtaking coastal walks, cane fields, rocky gullies etc.

One of the best aspects about hiking in Barbados is that not only is it an activity that will give you a healthy amount of exercise to burn off all those scrumptious Crossbow Villa and restaurant meals, but it's also a fantastic way of exploring the wild environments of Barbados in good company.

'Hike Barbados' is one such group that offers an excellent service at the cost of a donation. All proceeds go towards the Barbadians National Trust and Tread Lightly, who are responsible for doing the important work of helping to preserve the natural environment of Barbados so all towards a very worthy cause! If you want to hike Barbados they normally kick off at 6am. Afternoon hikes or 'Stop 'n' Stare' as they are known as starts at 3.30pm. Then in the evening they also offer a 'Moonlight Walk' that starts at 5.30pm. If choosing the later option it would be very advisable to take a torch with you. The hikes are about 3 hours long and are on every day apart from when there is the Great Train Hike. Please check their website at www.hikebarbados.com for meeting place details.
Things to take hiking with you include:

  • Comfortable Footwear such as walking boots
  • Sun hat
  • Sun screen
  • Sun glasses
  • Bottle of water
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Loose clothing
  • Cycling

    Cycling in Barbados is not the most obvious choice of holiday destinations you could imagine, but as most of the island is actually fairly flat it makes for ideal conditions! Also The Barbados Weather conditions are normally at an even temperature all year round making cycling a comfortable sport to do at any time of the year.

    Cycling in Barbados is one of the best ways to see the island because you can see the most awesome sites cruising along the tropical winding roads at you own pace, or racing along a cool coast road with the wind in your hair!

    There are several routes to choose from if cycling in Barbados is your thing and all of the completely breathtaking! Cycle down the high East coast road with the dramatic Atlantic tides by your side looking like white horses, or through country lanes lush with tropical growth and smell the freshness of it all. Where ever you go you will always see something amazing!
    Things to take Cycling with you include:

  • Safety crash helmet
  • Sun screen
  • Sun glasses
  • Bottle of water
  • Pucture repair kit and pump
  • Map
  • Loose clothing/cycling wear
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