Barbados beaches are some of the best beaches in the world! The shape of Barbados reminds some of a leg of lamb turned upside down as the Northern end narrows out. Barbados island has only one high up incline that goes by the name of Mount Hillaby. Other than that Barbados is reasonably flat. Mount Hillaby has a height of 1,089 feet over sea level.

The North Coast

The North Coast Barbados beaches consists of private quiet bays and coves hidden along the ragged wave beaten coastline. Here the unrelenting surf pounds against the giant rocky cliffs creating airborne mists of sea foam, a truly spectacular vision! This part of Barbados is excellent for walking, climbing and exploring the rocky cliffs riddled with sea eroded caves, but far from safe for swimming purposes unless guided be someone that knows the safest bays and tide times. For much safer beaches it would be better to head to the West Coast beaches or South Coast beaches. The North Coast of Barbados is famous for it's breathtaking views and stunning panoramas. The North Coast is a 20 minute drive from Crossbow Villa. You will pass by Speights Town. This is a busy fishing town with lots of locals and not so many tourists, always welcome though. Some great fresh fruit and veg is sold here on market stalls along the streets. Entering the parish of St James is a fabulous fish restaurant called the Fish Pot, this can be reached by speed boat from Mullins Bay! Always great if you need a breather from the sunbed! Just ask one of the local guys working on the beach and they will be happy to sort out the transfer..its a great way to see the Barbados Coastline.

The East Coast

This is a 20 minute picturesque cross country drive from Crossbow Villa With the most amazing surfing happening here on the East Coast, hosting its own International competitions Take one of our prepared picnics with you on a day trip to these Barbados beaches! On the East Coast you will find some Barbados beaches that are in total contrast to the sheltered West Coast. If you are into surfing then a visit to one of these beaches is a must! Huge Atlantic waves crash along the shore and have shaped the rugged appearance of this beautiful coastline. Everywhere you go along this coast you see big rocky boulders as if a giant has had a game of marbles on the beach. The waves continual pounding over the rocks and reefs has also created the formation of several small pools which make natural swimming pools, these are great for safer bathing.

The South Coast

The Barbados Beaches on South Coast are very popular and lively as there are many activities on offer at most of the lovely beaches. You can choose from windsurfing, snorkelling, jet skiing, sailing in a variety of different boats such as kayaks, pedal boats or even go on a guided journey in a glass bottom boat. The best place you can organise a whole range of water sports including scuba diving, surfing and most of the above is by visiting the Barbados Blue website here! You could also have a go at some land sports such as volleyball! If that all sounds far too energetic then you can simply relax in paradise on a sun lounger and have a calm swim in the tropical waters. The Barbados South Coast is an unusual mix of two sea's, the wild and pounding East coast waves & currents and the calm West coast waters, the result being a happy medium of small to medium waves, so excellent for the sea sports mentioned above. This also makes it the best place on the island for learning to surf. There are also heaps of Barbados restaurants and bars along the shore line too which makes the South coast the most popular of the Barbados beaches for tourists.

The West Coast

The Barbados Beaches on West Coast have clear aquamarine blue warm waters and golden sands. This coast is commonly known as the "Platinum Coast" because of this very reason. The beaches here are an extremely desirable location for a holiday whether it's for a romantic getaway or a family holiday. The holiday maker is absolutely spoilt for choice as there are several fabulous breathtaking beaches here to visit and spend the day relaxing in paradise. All Barbados beaches are clean and the beautiful azure waters make for safe bathing. All you need to do now is select your favourite Barbados beach.