Many guests staying at Crossbow Villa enjoy a flutter on the Horses and a day at the Races. Horseracing in Barbados is usually staged at Garrison Savannah which is situated very near the Barbados capital of Bridgetown. The Garrison Savannah is steeped with history from the time when the British Regiment Officers were stationed there in 1845, the colonial days. Since then it has been traditionally used for horse racing stemming from the days when local planters and wealthy merchants used to race their horses along side them.

Horseracing in Barbados is split between three races per year and are now organised by the Barbados Turf Club, who promote as well as regulate them. The meetings are on from January-April, May-August, October-December. The horses race over 6 furlongs of grass on an oval shaped pitch in different distances from 5 to 11 Furlongs (1000 meters to 2200 meters) in a clockwise direction. There is a handicapping system in place in which the horses are labeled from A1 - G2, A is the highest horse standard.

The most significant horseracing in Barbados that takes place is at Sandy Lane where the Gold Cup is run in March on the first Saturday. The first leg of the Triple Crown takes place in April and is the Banks Barbados Guineas and the second leg held is the United Insurance Barbados Derby which is in July. The third leg is in August. If you are staying in Crossbow Villa at any of these times of year, a visit to one of these races is highly recommended!

A couple more important horseracing in Barbados events are the Coolmore 'Home of Champions' Trophy run in January and in December the Victor Chandler Trophy which was formerly known as the 'Sunset Reef Trophy'. The best horses in Barbados are raced at these events.

The main sponsors of a 5 series race are the Barbados Thoroughbred Breeders Association who specially hold races for local bred horses. West Indian bred horses of which are 2 year old are ran in a 5 series race and organised since 2000 by local Jewelry company Diamonds International Inc. This is the most prosperous and highly regarded English speaking horseracing event in the Caribbean.

Although Horseracing in Barbados is a serious event for the seasoned race fan, it also provides a great day out for the family as there are lovely places for a picnic under the shady trees which line the track. Also a visit to the stands can provide an experience of excitement of the races for all ages! It's only a short drive away from Crossbow Villa too so take one of our prepared picnics with you on an unforgettable day trip to a day at the races.
If you don't take a picnic there are a range of delicious traditional Bajan dishes available like rice & stew, fried fish or fish cakes and pudding and souse. You can also sample some of the finest rum of Barbados or coconut water too! There are several places that you can watch the horseracing in Barbados from within the Garrison Savannah grounds, these are the Grandstand, Sir John Chandler Stand, Field Stand or the opulent Corporate Boxes situated overlooking the renowned paddock bend via invitation.


Tennis in Barbados is becoming a popular past-time in recent years and is great fun and exercise for people of all ages from childhood. Whether you are a complete beginner or a total pro, Barbados tennis courts are a great place to play on!
One good place to start finding out more information about local Barbados Tennis clubs would be through the Barbados Tennis Association at www.tennisbarbados.org.


Some of the most enigmatic and beautiful as well as luxury golf holidays are enjoyed by golfers of all abilities on Barbados Golf Courses!
Crossbow Villa provides a high quality luxury villa style holiday and is an excellent base for all the nearby famous courses including Royal Westmoreland, Rockley and Sandy Lane. Discover all about each Barbados Golf course by clicking on the links above.

Click here to view more information about golf in Barbados


Cricket in Barbados usually takes place in the Kensington Oval stadium in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. The national sport of Barbados is cricket and is a favourite sport in the Caribbean in general as the fans of The West Indies team flock to the world-class matches at the Kensington Oval. Barbados cricket is also hosts matches with some of the worlds top players such as batmen Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Chris Gaylle. Some of the best & fastest bowlers that play are Pedro Collins and Tino Best. Many guests that stay at Crossbow Villa love to have a day out at the cricket!

Cricket in Barbados has become that important that it is often regarded as being one of the international cricket capitals and even largely contributes to the West Indies team with famous Barbadian players such as Wes Hall, Sir Garfield Sobers, the late Keith Boyce, Gordon Greenidge, Desmond Haynes and David Allen. Some of the more famous current players are Corey Collymore and Ian Bradshaw.

You can visit the Kensington Oval to see a good game of Barbados cricket at almost any time. It's only a short drive away from Crossbow Villa too! There are all sorts of different Barbados Cricket matches taking place including the international Test Match, One-Day games, first division matches or beach friendly games as well as fun cricket games on the village green or local open pasture field. Whatever you choose to do and wherever you go on a day out from Crossbow Villa, you'll find Barbados Cricket matches a joyous occasion!

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