Crossbow Villa Staff

Chef Duties and Costs

For those guests who wish to dine regularly at the villa a chef can be provided at a cost of BDS $150 per day. (No Barbados staff work on Sundays please note). The above option can also be organised for your first day only if you prefer to self cater and dine out for the rest of your vacation.
Wouldn't it be lovely to arrive at the villa to the wonderful aroma of a home-cooked meal? Pre-stocking the villa with the initial grocery items necessary for preparing your arrival meal and first breakfast is strongly recommended. Tell us your request and we'll have your villa chef/cook prepare an amazing dinner. Once on island we can also provide a personal shopping service for the duration of your stay if you are having the chef . A small delivery fee will be applicable.
Guests will need to either obtain their own shopping from the local supermarkets or give a list of meals required (typical local cuisine menus can be provided) and the chef can shop for these goods, bring receipts and receive cash reimbursement from the guests. The chef will need a small float in advance of any shopping he is requested to do.

Butler Duties and Costs

A full service butler to provide beverage service throughout the day and dinner and also provide basic concierge duties such as reservations and help on local attractions and amenities can be provided at a cost of Bd$1000 per 6 day weekCrossbow Villa has certain beverages on hand on a "pay as you go" basis such as beers and wines and any extra beverages required should be paid in advance via the butler who will procure these for you and bring receipts or alternatively, guests can shop for these themselves.

Housekeeper Duties and Costs

All villa rentals at Crossbow include the services of a housekeeper whose normal duties are to clean your room daily, change sheets and towels on a regular basis. Guests are requested to observe normal environmental logicwith requests for towel changes, towels in the linen baskets in your room will be automatically laundered, towels hung back on towel rails will normally be left for another day to avoid excessive washing and environmental damage on the island. There is no charge for the housekeeper.
The housekeeper will normally start work at around 9am and finish at 6pm.
The housekeeper will clean all rooms, make beds and open all doors and windows to air the villa daily.
With occupancies of less than 6, the housekeeper will also have time to do certain laundry for guests which is to be classed as an "extra duty" and we would respectfully suggest any tip reflects this extra work that the housekeeper does for you.
With occupancies of more than 6, a laundress will be provided at no charge and will take care of all laundry facilities free of charge.


Crossbow Villa have elected to have outside professional gardeners who will maintain the villa grounds every Wednesday. If you plan to have a day out at a beach, Wednesday is ideal to avoid the minor disturbance that gardening machinery makes. We always insist our gardeners do not commence work with power tools before 9am to afford guests every convenience of a calm start to their day.

Night Watchman/Alarm

The villa has a very modern and easy to use alarm system with functions to allow setting for "leave the villa" or "stay at the villa", Crossbow owners provide a Professional Night watchman with EVERY booking at no extra charge.There are also personal safes in every room and we recommend guests use this for valuables, cash, passports etc. Clear instructions are at the Villa on how to use the system and facilities, a separate SECURITY BRIEF will be sent with your terms and for obvious reasons is not disclosed here.

Villa Manager

In addition to the full time housekeeper that Crossbow has enjoyed for 8 years, the Villa now has a Villa Manager who lives on the Island to handle all guest problems and issues during their stay, guaranteeing you a trouble free vacation. The Villa Managers phone number is in the terms and conditions supplied with every booking.


We also have a permanent handyman who lives nearby and checks the Villa over for all those annoying little things that happen in hotel type environments. Mike takes care of all the small issues and will be summoned by our housekeeper to remedy things that may go amiss during your stay.