Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup

Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup is the most renowned horse racing event in the Caribbean. Since the first one was run in 1982, this prestigious race has brought talented jockeys, highly bred energetic horses and eager punters to this gold cup race for the last 25 years. As sporting events go The Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup makes for and exciting day out for people of all ages!
Although horses from other areas of the Caribbean are raced at this famous Barbados event, a great majority of the horses raced are true Barbadian as are the jockeys and trainers. The Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup race has recently been televised over the last 3 years so now a worldwide audience can enjoy the fabulous spectacle.
The Barbados Holetown Festival is just a 10-15 minute drive from Crossbow Villa, take a prepared picnic lunch with you on a trip to the event!