Oistins Fish Festival

Oistins Fish Festival is an annual Barbados event that's held in Oistins on the South Coast, which is the centre of the Barbados fishing industry and organised by the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados. The Oistins Fish Festival is held in celebration to honor those that keep the fishing industry the success that it is throughout the island and also the founding of the Charter of Barbados.
During the Oistins Fish Festival revelers can enjoy the most delicious Bajan fish dishes whilst being entertained with with music and dancing. All kinds of traditional food is cooked including fried fish, souse, fish cakes and all kinds of fresh local caught produce. If you are a fan of sea food then this festival would be perfect for a visit.
Also at the event you can pick up some lovely gifts for friends and family from the local talented arts and craftspeople. Other activities going on include the the fish boning, grease-pole competition and boat race.
Oistins Fish Festival is just a 10-15 minute drive from Crossbow Villa.

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